Make it up – загладить свою вину


Друзья, знакомые, родственники. Не всегда все гладко между ними, часто случаются ссоры, иногда серьезные, иногда по недоразумению. Давай помиримся, что мне сделать, чтобы загладить свою вину, я на все готов, чтобы заслужить твое прощение. Все эти извинения по-английски можно передать одной фразой make it up (to somebody) – помириться, сделать что-либо для примирения, в качестве извинения.

Как поется в известной песне: "Мы поссоримся и помиримся, "не разлей водой",- шутят все вокруг". Неудивительно, что в сериале Friends эта английская идиома встречается довольно часто. Ведь друзья для того и друзья, чтобы мириться после произошедших ссор.

Friends 6 season 1 episode (Джоуи извиняется, что спал всю дорогу, и заодно узнаем важную составляющую дружбы)

Joey: Come on Pheebs! I can’t take this anymore! Please talk to me! Let-let me make it up to you. Huh? (Starts singing.)
Phoebe: Stop it! Stop it no! That’s not fair! Y’know I can’t resist that beautiful voice!
Joey: Pheebs, I am so sorry! I know I promised you a fun road trip with your friend and I didn’t deliver. But-but-but now I know that you think being awake is an important part of friendship! So, so, so I will strive to-to stay awake for as long as I know you.

Friends 6 season 14 episode (Джилл мирится с отцом)

Jill: All right, I’m leaving! Because I’m not going to spend one more day with someone who's out to sabotage my every move. That’s you, Rachel!
Rachel: Yeah, I got that.
Jill: (To Ross) And you! I throw myself at you and you say no, how gay are you?
Ross: You take care, Jill.
Jill: Okay, I'm leaving. Don't worry about me, I'll make it on my own. (start to break up) Who knows how I'll get by, or even if I'll survive.
Rachel: (not buying it) Jill, you can uh, you can stop that now. I know you made up with Daddy.

Friends 6 season 17 episode (Моника просит прощения у Чендлера)

Monica: No-no, it’s not okay! It’s not! I mean you were just… You’re so incredible! You went through all this time and effort to make this tape for me! Y’know I’m just gonna—I, I am gonna make this up to you! I will! I-I am going to cook anything you want in here (points to the kitchen), and I am going to do anything you want in there! (Points to the bedroom.)

Friends 6 season 19 episode (Моника, Фиби и Чендлер нашли парней для Рэйчел. Извинит ли это их поведение?)

Rachel: I cannot believe you guys! He was really nice and he left because of you!
Chandler: Yeah, but Sebastian? What is that? A cat’s name?
Phoebe: Yeah, y’know what I noticed Rachel? He scares easy. Is that the kind of guy you’d like to take to a ball? "Hey Sebastian, would you like to dance?" (Imitates him.) "Uhh, okay—I gotta go!"
Monica: All right guys stop it. Rachel, we’re very sorry that is a very insensitive thing for us to do. And y’know what? Let us make it up to you, we have two really great guys for you.

Friends 7 season 2 episode (Отличное предложение в качестве извинения)

Rachel: (sarcastically) Yeah. Look, Joey, it’s enough all right?! You keep making these stupid jokes and these sleazy innuendoes and it’s—I’m not—it’s just not funny anymore!
Joey: All right, I’m sorry. Rach I—Rach I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry! Maybe I can make up for it by, taking you roughly in the barn. (Giggles.)

Friends 8 season 8 episode (Еще одно отличное предложение в качестве извинения)

Monica: I swear I didn’t know she was a hooker! I mean wh—Did you let her smoke in here?
Chandler: Her ass print is still on your grandmother’s quilt, do you really want to talk about smoking?
Monica: Y’know what? I’m gonna make this up to you. I promised you a stripper (turns on the radio), and you’re gonna get a stripper. (She starts to strip.)

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