Push over the edge – подтолкнуть к чему-то


Push over the edge

Push/drive over the edge – дословно переводится, как толкнуть через край. Сразу же в голове всплывает образ стоящего на краю пропасти человека, и ничего хорошего уже не ожидаешь. И картинка хорошо отображает, что же сейчас произойдет, да и поиск в интернете выдает статьи, связанные с самоубийством. Но не все так плохо, хотя и не совсем безоблачно. Push over the edge – говорят когда кто-то, что-то, или какие-то события подталкивают нас вести себя в несвойственной нам манере. Переполнить чашу терпения, загнать в угол, припереть к стенке, это была последняя капля – эти русские фразеологизмы хорошо описывают ситуацию, и понятно, что в таком случае человек способен на самые сумасшедшие поступки, ну или странные, нелогичные.

Как, например, в сериале Friends 7 season 17 episode. Джоуи и Росс не могут поделить девушку. Вполне достойная причина для нестандартного поведения. Или нет?

Joey: So y’know Ross it’s funny ‘cause, you look familiar to me too. Have you ever been married?
Ross: Well yes, yes I have. In fact umm, just the other day Kristen and I were talking about how I’ve been married and how I have a son.
Kristen: Yeah, little Eric.
Ross: That’s right! Wait no, Ben.
Joey: So you’ve just married the one time then?
Ross: Well umm…
Kristen: You’ve been married twice?
Ross: Yes. And another time after that. Boy, I’m getting hungry! Hey Joey, have you ever been so hungry on a date that when a girl goes to the bathroom you eat some of her food?
Kristen: You said the waiter ate my crab cake.
Joey: (laughs that one off) Yeah. So uh Ross, well now—why did that first marriage breakup? Was it because the woman was straight or she was a lesbian?
Kristen: Do you two know each other?
Joey and Ross: No. No.
Joey: No. It just seems like Ross is the kind of a guy that would marry a woman on the verge of being a lesbian and then push her over the edge.

Рассмотрим еще несколько примеров с этой идиомой:

Sex And The City 5 season 6 episode:

Miranda: I haven't slept for days. Brady's been crying non-stop.
Carrie: Poor thing. Can I do anything?
Miranda: Put me out of my misery.
Charlotte: What's wrong with him? Is he sick?
Miranda: He's not sick. He's not hungry. He's not teething. He wants to scream. I'm doing everything I can, but I can't please him. If he was 35, this is when we would break up.
Carrie: He has issues, clearly.
Miranda: I'm telling you... This 13-pound meatloaf is pushing me over the edge. I feel disgusting. My clothes smell like barf. I don't have time for a shower, much less get a haircut.

и еще:
Carrie: Michiko Kakutani thinks so. I always agree with her.
Carrie: My God, listen to me going on and on about Michiko Kakutani... when you have real problems. So can I obsess for another minute?
Miranda: Don't say her name again. It'll push me over the edge.

Friends season 10 episode 15:

Phoebe: Hey, isn't Joey's agent Estelle Leonard?
Chandler: Yeah.
Phoebe: She died.
Chandler: You're kidding!
Monica: That's terrible!
Phoebe: Yeah, last Saturday. Wow! She was the first black man to fly solo across the Atlantic. (Chandler and Monica look puzzled) Oh, wait a minute, I read the wrong one.
Chandler: Oh yeah?
Phoebe: Yeah, she was just an agent.
Monica: Joey's gonna be so upset.
Chandler: I know. He always wanted to be the first black man to cross the Atlantic.
Phoebe: Well, we cannot tell Joey about this. He's already flipping out about everything that's changing. This will push him over the edge.

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