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Идиома to be in doghouse означает быть в опале, немилости, что кто-то сердится на тебя и сильно. Но почему в будке? Некоторые считают, что из-за Джеймса Мэтью Барри и его книги о Питере Пэне,
в которой была сцена, где отец семейства, мистер Дарлинг, отправился в собачью конуру, демонстрируя акт раскаяния, что плохо следил за детьми, из-за чего его дети были похищены. Правда, другие считают, что это не может быть правдой, поскольку в Шотландии, откуда Барри родом, собачью конуру называют kennel. Но как бы там ни было, эту идиому забавно обыграли авторы BBC. Почитаем как?

Feifei: Hi Rob. Nice to see you here in the park with this lovely dog.
(Dog barks)
Rob: Hi Feifei. Yes, this is Fido. As they say, a dog is a man's best friend and... he is my best friend. I'm taking him for a walk. But we have to get back home soon.
Feifei: Why Rob? I was going to ask if you wanted a coffee...
Rob: Thank you, Feifei, but I can't. I love walking Fido and sometimes I forget to look at my watch. I keep coming home late for dinner and the family is annoyed because the food gets cold. I'm in the doghouse at the moment.
Feifei: You are in the doghouse?! That's terrible, Rob! How can you say your dog is your best friend if you kick him out of his own house?
(Dog barks)
Rob: No, no, it's not that...
Feifei: Now this poor dog will be left out in the cold, in the rain... Poor Fido! If you are in the doghouse, where does this lovely dog sleep?
Rob: Well, Fido sleeps where he always does: in the doghouse. But in English, we can say someone is 'in the doghouse' if they've annoyed another person.
Feifei: So your family is annoyed with you because you were inconsiderate to them.
Rob: That's right. 'In the doghouse' is the expression you'll learn in today's The English We Speak. Let's hear some examples.

  • President Bill Clinton said he was "in the doghouse" after the revelations about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. His wife even considered leaving him.
  • My mother is furious with me. I forgot to do my homework again so I'm in the doghouse.

Feifei: So if you go home on time for dinner, you won't be in the doghouse anymore.
Rob: That's what I hope.
(Cat meows)
(Dog barks)
Feifei: Then maybe you'd better hold onto the lead and control Fido.
Rob: Come on Fido! Quiet. Calm down, boy. Ignore that cat.
(Dog growls)
Feifei: Oh, come on, Fido, quiet or you'll be in the doghouse.
(Dog barks)
Rob: Come on, Fido! Come on, boy! Who is a good boy? Come on! Get out of here, you cheeky cat!
Rob: Bye.
Feifei: Bye.
Cat: Meow.

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