Урок 5 — Questions for Discussion with «Sex And The City» — вопросы для общения на английском

Изучаем английский без усилий. Вопросы для обсуждения и общения и мини-словарь. Урок 5. Season 1 episode 5 The Power of Female Sex

  • Useful vocabulary:
    Conundrum – головоломка
    Coup – удачный поворот / ход дела / сделка
    Whacked – измотанный
    Horndog = smb who is horny all the time (horny – возбужденный)
    Give in – сдаваться
    It downed on smb – снизошло, дошло
    Allude – намекать
    Loan – займ (в банке под проценты)
    Cunt – влагалище
    To be flattered – быть польщенным
    Snap – шлепать
  • Questions:
    1. Who does Carrie run into in a D&G shop?
    2. Why is Carrie on a low budget?
    3. How does Carrie feel after a date with a French architect?
    4. Samantha says: “Money is power, sex is power, so getting money for sex is an exchange of power”. What is your opinion?
    5. Charlotte goes to a famous painter. What does she see there? What are her feelings?
    6. What do you think about the paintings?
    7. What do you think about women’s power over men?

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