Урок 8 — Questions for Discussion with «Sex And The City» — вопросы для общения на английском


Обучающие задания онлайн для разговорного английского

Онлайн урок английского с сериалом "Секс в большом городе" (Sex And The City) поможет вам улучшить ваш разговорный английский. Урок 8. Season 1 episode 8 Three's a Crowd

Изучите словарь новых слов и выражений, которые встречаются в 8 серии, просмотрите фильм и ответьте на вопросы.

  • Useful vocabulary:
    Lock eyes – встретиться взглядами
    Screw= fuck = have sex
    Makes me hard = I have an erection
    Threesome = sex involving 3 people
    Ploy – уловка
    Pinch hitter = someone who is asked to attend an event at the last minute, replacing an original participant that dropped out at the last minute.
    Beat off = masturbate
    Turn on – a turn on is something that makes you really excited or really horny. when you're with your lover it makes you want more.
    Vibe – a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others
    Golden shower = the act of urinating on another person, usually for sexual gratification, or as a way of humiliation.
    Muss – неразбериха, путаница
    Pitch – точка зрения
    Pull an idea out of one’s ass – высосать идею из пальца
    Nibble – грызть
    Wink at smb – подмигнуть кому-то
    Plunge – вовлекаться
    Shrink – психоаналитик
  • Questions:
    1. What does Charlotte’s new boyfriend suggest?
    2. How does Charlotte react?
    3. What is the result of it? (talk about the situation at a party)
    4. Why is Miranda upset?
    5. Why does she go to a shrink?
    6. Does Miranda get her validation?
    7. What about Carrie’s relationship with Mr. Big? What’s new?
    8. How does Carrie feel? What does she do?
    9. Do we really know people who we sleep with?
    10. What do you think about threesome?

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