Вопросы для общения на английском. Урок 20 — Questions for Discussion with «Friends»

Самостоятельное изучение английского, вопросы для общения сериалу «Friends» Season 1 Episode 20. The One With The Evil Orthodontist.

  • Useful vocabulary:
    Violate – вторгаться на чужую территорию, насилие
    Dangle – манить, соблазнять, дразнить; ходить по пятам, увиваться за кем-л.
    Hone – затачивать
    Snubbed – пренебреженный
    Dental floss – нитка для чистки зубов
    Jam-packed schedule – плотное расписание
    Maid of honor = an unmarried woman acting as a principal bridesmaid at a wedding and helps with the organization of the wedding
    Choke – подавиться
  • Answer the questions:
    1. Who does Rachel date? Why?
    2. What are Ross’s feelings on the subject?
    3. Why doesn’t Chandler want to call his date the next day?
    4. Do you think if a man calls the next day after a date he is too needy?
    5. What does Chandler mean when he says to Monica “the hell is full of people like you”?
    6. Who is “peeper”?
    7. Why is Rachel expecting to have her eyes “scratched out”?
    8. Why does Mindy come to see Rachel?
    9. What kind of person is Barry? How did he treat his women?
    10. What does Rachel do? How does she feel?
    11. What is Joey dreaming to see?
    12. Why Chandler is not sure if he calls his date?

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