Вопросы для общения на английском. Урок 3 — Questions for Discussion with «Friends»


Friends Season 1 Episode 3 The One With The Thumb

  • Explain the vocabulary:
    Give examples of the “dating language”
    Does the phrase “Let’s do this again” have positive or negative meaning about a relationship? How do you “translate” it?
    What does it mean “to cushion a blow”?
    What does it mean to “dump” smb?
    What is “deja vu”?
    What is it all about a “thumb”?

  •  Answer the questions:
    What does the gesture crossing your heart mean?
    What is Phoebe’s problem with the bank?
    Tell about Chi-chi and who is so concerned about it?
    What game do “friends” play with Alan?
    Which cartoon character was mentioned?
    What is Chandler’s dependence?
    What are the friends’ flaws?

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