Уроки разговорного английского с Friends. Задание №12

Улучшаем разговорный английский с сериалом Friends (2 сезон). Урок 12. The One After the Superbowl
Слова и выражения для понимания и вопросы для общения.

  • Useful vocabulary:
    Get the monkey off your back – здесь: не можете избавиться от скуки
    Pouty – выпяченный
    Stalker – упорный преследователь (женщин или знаменитостей)
    Wack job = someone who is crazy and/or has lost their mind and acts like a damn lunatic. Someone you should avoid at all costs as they may be a harm to yourself or others.
    Devil may care = reckless, defiant of authority
  • Answer the questions:
    1. What TV commercial is on at the beginning of the episode? Why? What is special about it?
    2. Who has Joey got? Why isn’t Joey afraid? What does he do?
    3. Where is Marcel? What happened?
    4. What job offer has Phoebe got? Do you think she is appropriate for this job? Why (not)?
    5. What happens at the restaurant with Joey?
    6. Where is Marcel in reality? How has Ross learned it?
    7. Why has Phoebe been fired? Do children like her songs?
    8. How does Joey manage to get rid of his stalker?
    9. Where do the friends go? Why?

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