Идиомы английского языка


Словарь английских идиом, перевод идиом и примеры:

Список идиом английского языка в алфавитном порядке. К каждой идиоме приводится аналог этой идиомы в русском языке, пояснение и пример использования идиомы с переводом:

A drop in the bucket
A piece of cake
Apple of my eye
Ball and chain
Be caught red handed
Be in the red
Beat around the bush
Bells and whistles
Blah blah blah
Black sheep
Blow off steam
Butter up
Cheesed off
Chew the fat
(from) Cover to cover
Cry one's eyes out
Cut smb some slack
Cut to the chase
Don't get me started
Every cloud has a silver lining
Everything but the kitchen sink
Fill one’s shoes
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Fix smb up
(as) Free as a bird
Funny ha-ha or funny peculiar
Give (someone) a hand
Get it over with
Get over it
Go the extra mile
Go to town
Hair of the dog
Have a bone to pick with smb
Have a lot on my plate
Have one's cake and eat it too
Hit it off
Hook up with smb
In a nutshell
In one's mind’s eye
In the doghouse
It won't kill you
Judge a book by its cover
Kiss and tell
Let up
Let's face it
Make it up to somebody
Make one's bed and lie in it
Misery loves company
No strings attached
Not enough room to swing a cat
(Not) have a clue
Off the back of a lorry
Off the top of one's head
On the tip of my tongue
Once in a blue moon
Open one's eyes
Out of the blue
Pearl of wisdom
Pie in the sky
Pipe dream
Proof is in the pudding
Pull oneself together
Pull the plug
Push / drive over the edge
Ring a bell / Ring the bell
Rob smb blind
Rock bottom
Run (travel) in the same circles
(To be) screwed
Show your true colors
Skeleton in the closet
Smell a rat
Spice things up
Splash out
Still waters run deep
Take a rain check
Take down a peg
Take it with a pinch / grain of salt
Take one's breath away
Take the edge off
Take the high (low) road
Throw a bone
Throw caution to the wind(s)
Throw off the track
Tiptoe around
Too many cooks
Under your belt
Until the cows come home
Use your loaf
Worth one's salt
Yank someone's chain
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