Sex And The City, Season 2. Онлайн урок 12

Обучающие задания онлайн для разговорного английского

Онлайн урок английского с вторым сезоном сериала "Секс в большом городе" (Sex And The City) поможет вам улучшить ваш разговорный английский.

Изучите словарь новых слов и выражений, которые встречаются в 12 серии La Douleur Exquise!, посмотрите фильм и ответьте на вопросы.

  • Перевод слов и выражений, которые встречаются в этом эпизоде
    Pop up – появляться, выскакивать
    Kinky – сексуально вызывающий, сексуально извращенный
    Whack – ударять
    Fetish = a sexual fixation or obsession with a usually non-sexual object. EX. socks, horses, monkeys, pain, bondage
    Goof = a careless mistake; a slip – глупость
    Hit – (интернет.) запрос
    Flourish – процветать
    To eye – окидывать взглядом
    Get (be) carried away – быть охваченным чувствами
    To be all over smb = to be madly in love with smb
    S & M = sadomasochistic relationship
    Fine line – тонкая линия
    Get back to smb = перезвонить
    Bang = slang for having sex
    Diss = a shortened version of "disrespect"
    Ripped = well-defined muscles
    Give head = perform oral sex on another individual
    Loose one’s shit – overreact, say more than planned; lose control
    Abs = a shortened version of rectus abdominis – паховый серп
    Six pack = well defined abdominal muscles in the configuration of a six pack of canned drinks – кубики на животе
    To be wide awake – глаз не сомкнуть
    Exquisite – изысканный
  • Вопросы для общения:
    1. What is a new NY restaurant? What is special about it? Do you think such a restaurant might be popular in your city?
    2. Why does Carrie leave the part yearly?
    3. Where does Big go? What hasn’t he told Carrie? Why? What are her feelings?
    4. Do men often make decisions and only then tell to their women? Why do they act that way?
    5. What is Charlotte’s fetish? Do a lot of women have it? Do you have it?
    6. Who does Miranda meet? How will you describe her date?
    7. Do you like the idea of being caught having sex?
    8. What does Stanford (Carrie’s gay friend) confess to Carrie?
    9. What do you think of cybersex? Is it our future?
    10. What does Carrie do when Big comes back? How will you estimate her behavior and his?
    11. What does Stanford do? What happens?
    12. What happens to Carrie and Big?
    13. (for men) Is job or career more important than a relationship?

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